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Congratulations on winning funding through the Green House Programme!

You're one step closer to a sustainable future.

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ANRE Certification

Dedicated support

Assembly teams

Premium equipment

Quick delivery

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Available systems GREEN HOUSE

Systems can have other configurations as required and on request

  • Photovoltaic panels
  • 6mm DC cable
  • Huawei single-phase/three-phase ON-GRID/HYBRID inverter
  • Wi-Fi Module – Huawei
  • MC4 Conector 
  • AC/3X4MM Cable
  • Meter box
  • Ground cable
  • DC safety panel
  • AC/40A three-phase fuse
  • Tile/tile/tile clamping profile
  • Grounding resistance testing
  • Preparation and submission of prosumer file

System components

Are you interested in a different solution than the ones presented?

* When choosing a photovoltaic system through the green house, you will be able to choose for 1 of the 3 gifts offered.

The beneficiary pays ONLY his own contribution, in advance, after signing the contract. The AFM financing, in the amount of 20,000 lei, is borne by ATLAS SOLAR until settlement.

  • Prices include 5% VAT
  • Prices are valid for installation on pitched roof
  • Prices shown are for information only and do not represent the final offer
  • The final price for the system will be determined after a visit to the installation site.

How do you choose the right PV system for your needs?

Calculated annual consumption

Calculate your annual consumption by adding up the amounts of electricity expressed in kWh from your electricity bills for 12 consecutive months.

Depending on the percentage of energy you want to cover, choose the appropriate system on the right. Example: for an annual consumption of 10,000 kwh you can choose between an 8 kWp system which will provide you with all the energy you need and a 6 kWp system which will provide you with 75% of your energy needs.

Estimated annual production

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