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Cookies Policy

The website and is owned by SC ATLAS SPORT SRL.
SC ATLAS SPORT SRL is a company duly registered and operating in accordance with the laws of Romania, with registered office at 62 Voinicenilor Street, Târgu Mureș, registered with the ORC under number J26/617/2013 , with CUI (RO) 31806715.

The website uses cookies to provide its visitors with a better browsing experience and services tailored to the interests of each visitor. We present below the necessary information to make you aware of the details of the cookies used by the website
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What are cookies?

A cookie is a piece of information placed on a user’s computer that identifies information about that user. Cookies are not viruses. A cookie consists of 2 parts: the name and the content or value of the cookie. Furthermore, the lifetime of a cookie is determined; technically, only the webserver that sent the cookie can access it again when a user returns to the website associated with that webserver.
Cookies themselves do not require personal information in order to be used and, in most cases, do not personally identify Internet users.

We use cookies to:

ATLAS SOLAR and other third parties (e.g. Google, AdWords) use cookies to provide the smoothest possible navigation and to track/remember visitor preferences for statistical purposes to inform, optimise and serve ads/advertisements based on a user’s previous visits to the site. The information acquired through cookies is anonymous and will not be linked to personal data. ATLAS SOLAR does not send this information to any third party for its independent use.

Most cookies can be included in one of the categories below:

Strictly Necessary: These cookies are essential in providing the services requested by readers. Without them, the website cannot function or deliver the services provided.
Performance: These cookies collect information about how readers use a website, such as which pages are most popular, which method of linking between pages is most effective, and whether users encounter error messages from web pages. These cookies allow us to provide a high quality experience to our readers as well as measure the audience of pages They are designed to help improve the functioning of our website.
Functional: These cookies remember the choices you make to improve your experience.
Targeting and advertising cookies: These cookies collect information about your browsing habits to make advertising relevant to you and your interests. They are also used to limit the number of views of an advertisement as well as to help measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

On the website we use two types of cookie segments. SessionSession cookies are stored on your computer (desktop, mobile, etc, any other device you use for browsing) and remain there until the end of your browsing session. Persistent cookies – are stored on your device and remain there until you delete them. When you end a session and leave the browser these cookies remain stored on your computer. You should be aware that the use of cookies does not allow the collection of personal data or confidential information about your device.

Deleting Cookies

Most browsers offer the possibility to change cookie settings. These settings are usually found in the “options” or “preferences” menu of your browser. But be careful, disabling cookies will have a negative impact on your browsing experience, e.g. you will not be able to view certain images / access certain options / facilities.

For third party cookie settings, you can also consult where you can find more information on privacy related to online advertising.

If you have a question or concern about any of the above, you can send your questions to or to the following physical address: 62 Voinicenilor Street, Târgu Mureș.