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Privacy Policy

In this information note, you will find concrete answers on how your personal data is collected, stored and processed. Our notice is published on: 23.05.2023 and applies to websites owned by SC ATLASSPORT SRL
SC ATLAS SPORT SRL is a company duly registered and operating in accordance with the laws of Romania, having its registered office at Str. Voinicenilor, nr.62, Târgu Mureș registered with the ORC under no. J26/617/2013 , with CUI (RO) 31806715.

ATLAS SOLAR is aware of the importance of protecting information, especially information that can identify you as an individual (“personal information”). Thus, when we use the expression PERSONAL DATA we mean any data about a natural person that can lead, directly or indirectly, to the identification of that person. This includes your Name, any Location Information and any other online identifier, IP address, etc.
In connection with the AGREEMENT, in the context of the collection and use of your data and in accordance with the requirements of Law No. 677/2001 for the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, as amended and supplemented, we have taken all technical measures so that you can give us this agreement from the first interaction with this site, in full knowledge of the facts.

For what purpose and how do we process the data you provide online, by telephone or directly?

Information collected
PERSONAL DATA is collected only when you voluntarily and knowingly agree to submit it to us. We undertake that on every page where we ask you for personal information we will put a link to this document so that you can refer to it whenever necessary.

How we collect data:
Directly from you by telephone when you contact us to take advantage of our quotation, free consultancy for the realisation of your project.
directly from you via the emails you send us
directly from you via the chat application available on the web
via the web forms you fill in (offer request form, sports field configuration form)
when you ask us to subscribe to your newsletter
when you browse the website via strictly necessary cookies
In addition to personal information our systems automatically collect a range of anonymous information that helps us better understand how the site is used and how we can improve our services. This data includes, but is not limited to, the IP address of the computer with which you access the site, the operating system used, the browser software used and the time spent on the site.

When you visit the site, data about you may also be collected by third parties such as online advertising systems. For example, Custom Audiences may be used to create Custom Audiences in the Facebook Platform for you to receive relevant advertisements from us, only if you have given your explicit consent in the Facebook Platform.
Custom Audiences can be used to create similar audiences (potential customer profile) internally using Facebook ADS or Google Adwords platform.
Often, our ads that you see on other sites are displayed based on information we have about you (for example, when you visit a certain product/page on the site you will then be addressed, on Facebook or in the Google Partner Network, with ads for that product or other ancillary products/services).

When you post comments the wordpress platform retains your email address for the purpose of notifying you by email when you receive a reply or for the purpose of replying to you by email if you ask us a question.
We run online advertising campaigns to inform you about the products and services we offer and/or articles published on this site.
The data collected may be processed for legitimate business purposes to create statistics to enable us to develop new products, make certain adjustments, make better business decisions or meet the expectations of customers or potential customers to the highest standards.

The table below details all the types of data we collect and how we use it:

First and Last Name
If you have provided us with your First Name and Last Name, we use this data to personalise telephone conversations with you as well as emails you receive from us.

Email address
If you have provided us with your email address, we will use it to send you the quotation you requested via the contact form on the website. We also use your email address for information about our products and services, as well as the articles and resources we regularly publish on this site, containing useful, relevant and practical information.

Phone number
If you have provided us with your Telephone Number, we use this information to contact you promptly, in accordance with our sales procedure, within 24 hours of receiving your enquiry. We want to be as prompt as possible in answering your questions and providing you with a concrete price offer.

If you have provided us with the name of the company/institution for which you work, or which you manage, we use this data to personalise the emails that users receive from us and to conclude the contract between the third party for the construction of sports fields or playgrounds.

If you have provided us with your locality, we use this data to personalise the emails users receive from us, to arrange visits to your location. And to indicate your nearest location to view a work made by the ATLAS SOLAR team.

We have taken all technical measures so that you are not obliged to provide us with any data (it is all optional), but it is good to know that without it it is possible that certain parts of the site will not work properly, that we will not be able to collaborate, or that we will not be able to notify you about services in our portfolio that you might be interested in.

The purposes for which we collect and process your personal data:
ATLAS SOLAR collects and processes your personal data for the following processing purposes:

Administering, improving and performing the services provided by the website.
Advertising, marketing and publicity, activities to promote ATLAS SOLAR services, running promotional campaigns, sending newsletters and other materials, tracking and monitoring service sales and consumer behavior.
After-sales activities, including customer relations services, informing users/customers on the evaluation of services offered (including evaluation of services on websites), improving the quality of products and services offered, carrying out product repair/replacements if necessary.
We do not process your personal data for secondary purposes that are incompatible with the main purposes for which your personal data are originally collected; without your prior consent, without a legitimate interest in doing so, and without a legal basis.

Sharing personal data
We have not, do not and will never sell your data to third parties. We offer services that are based on the trust of customers and potential customers, and the security of personal data is essential in this process.
Your non-sensitive personal data may be processed by third parties with whom we have a contractual relationship for purposes that serve our legitimate interest: Facebook ADS – Marketing App with your consent, Sendmachine – Email Marketing App, Google Analytics – Statistics App.

Useful, relevant messages
If we have your consent, we will send you through various channels marketing messages articles with industry news – educational, relevant and useful information, expert videos with tips from experts as well as information on special offers, price discounts, promotions.

Unsubscribe from newsletter
You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time using one of the methods below:

By clicking on the unsubscribe link in any newsletter you have already received from us;
By sending an email to us requesting unsubscription.
In either case, we will ensure that you no longer receive our email marketing messages.

Your rights in the context of data collection and processing.
The right to be informed about how your data is collected and used;
The right to access the data we hold about you;
The right to request rectification of data we hold about you;
The right to request deletion of data we hold about you;
The right to request that we stop sending marketing messages to you;
The right to request that your personal data be sent to you or to another controller;
The right to lodge a complaint, with reference to the use of your data, with the competent authorities.
Participation in career fairs:
Taking into account the provisions of Law 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, as well as the new regulations on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data – EU Regulation 2016/679 that entered into force on 25 May 2018, we emphasize the following:

 – In the framework of this career fair, all applicants for Atlas Sport vacancies will receive a flyer (mini-form referring to this note) in which they will have the opportunity to fill in the blank fields with your name, phone number, email address, date of birth. These data will be processed exclusively for the purpose of informing you about:

– Setting up a possible interview for employment;

– Keeping you in our internal database to inform you later about vacancies within the company for a maximum of 1 year;

Applicants hereby acknowledge the processing of personal data and freely, expressly and unequivocally consent to such processing in accordance with the law and the EU Regulation mentioned in the introduction. Participants hereby acknowledge the rights they enjoy as data subjects, namely: the right of access, the right to rectification or erasure of personal data, the right to request restriction of the processing of personal data, the right to data portability, the right to object to the processing of personal data concerning them, the right to have recourse to the courts and the National Supervisory Authority for the Processing of Personal Data, the right not to be subject to automated decision making. Applicants are informed that in order to exercise these rights they may submit a written request dated and signed to the attention of S.C.Atlas Sport S.R.L.

We want to assure you that your privacy is respected and your personal data is protected, that the legal provisions on the protection of personal data are respected and that our legitimate interest is served (marketing communications, customer information, legal obligations).
If you have a question or concern, related to the issues presented you can send us your questions to or to the following physical address: 62 Voinicenilor Street, Târgu Mureș.